The cast of Grease performs a final dress rehearsal at the Cumberland Theatre on May 11, 2017.

The production starred Jesse Wilson as Danny Zuko and Aimee Conley as Sandy Dumbrowski. Cast members included Clayton Muir, Kenickie; Savannah Humbertson, Rizzo; Connor McCabe, Doody; Emmarose Day, Frenchy; Ben Childs, Roger; Sophie Davis, Jan; Brendon McCabe, Sonny; Skylar Spanburgh, Marty; Justice Courrier, Eugene; Haley Geiger, Patty Simcox; Carrie Wolford Watson, Miss Lynch; Stephen Gumtz, Vince Fontaine; Hayden S. Kline, Teen Angel; and Jazlyn Dawn Heeter, Cha-Cha Degregario with Victoria Mann, Whitney O’Haver and Brielle Windle as Ensemble.