The Apple Alley Players perform The Addams Family at Larenim Park Amphitheater in Burlington, WV on July 23, 2015.

Leading roles for the production included Stephen Gumtz as Gomez Addams, Lindsey Sites as Morticia, Jewelein Stevenson as Wednesday, Donny Ness as Pugsley, Ben Benson as Uncle Fester, and Jaiden Courrier as Lurch.

Other cast members included Stacie Land as Grandma; Matthew Potts as Beineke; Dana Bridges as Alice Beineke; Kevin Shreve as Mal Beineke; Danise Whitlock as the saloon girl; Lily Griffith as the courtesan; Whitney O’Haver as the bride; Michael McKenzie as the conquistador; Kyra Youngman as the soldier; Sue Schulten as the gambler; Jayna Raines, the flight attendant; Dannagale Acord, the Puritan; Nata Diehl, the flapper girl; William Price, the caveman; and Jace Courrier as Alphonso the Enormous.